You're funny

You dont want anything to do with me, yet you do tiny little things that you know will attract my attention. You intentionally do things that you know I have no choice but to notice. And no, don't try to deny it, I know you too well to know your underlying motives. And even if I was mistaken, did you really have to do what you did?

It's hilarious. Utterly ironic. Downright ridiculous. No, I'm not mad, if anything, I'm amused. Didn't think I still hold that much power in you, so much so that you just had to make your presence known to me. And yes I guess in a way you do have kind of a hold on me, if nothing else but to entertain me.

I mean really? Haven't we grown up yet and lead/is leading lives of our own and learn to conduct ourselves in a civil, if not mature, manner?

If this was a few years earlier, I would've indulged you. I may evan have decided to do something that I cannot even consider now. May. Operative words: may and earlier.

But tonight, I will indulge you. Two can play your game. And if anything, these past few years have told me, I have gotten quite good at flirting when I want to. :p