You know how some things hurt your heart? The feeling that your heart is triple it's size and just wanting to burst, and it hurts? 

This night is one of those nights. You beg and plead for it to just explode so that somehow it ends. You turn in bed, sleep deprived, tears threatening.. You don't know what's wrong (or what's right, for that matter), all you know is that your heart hurts. That things are not well, that your chest feels like it won't be able to hold your heart in, not anymore..

And you want to cry; but you don't.. Because it feels stupid, yet it makes sense. You wonder if when the grinch grew his heart three times as large if he felt this way. You wonder if things will ever be okay. 

Maybe it's meg ryan and Tom hanks in you've got mail, or maybe it's felicity jones' poem from like crazy. It may even be that humans of New York on your Facebook newsfeed. Whatever it is, you know that this night is going to be the long night; and no amount of Ed Sheeran songs or "happy thoughts" would make it  go any faster.

But you're hopeful; and you're expectant, that tomorrow morning when you wake up the sun might not shine any brighter nor the bird song sound any sweeter but your heart will be better - you will feel a little better.