Lately I have been having difficulty with my weight. I know that the number on the scale is nothing but numbers, but one has to understand where I'm coming from. From a skinny 89lbs 19 year old, I am now 40lbs heavier in just 12 years.

this is me at 20, about 90lbs

at 23, about 110lbs
Last May with my friend Marlon, I was about 57kg

Last week with my friend Jacu at about 63kgs

So today I wasn't really planning on losing weight, I've always said that weight is just a number. But like what I've said, lately my weight is becoming a burden. The fats above my stomach, under my boobs, are causing me pain when I sit up. I would always have to have my back straight or else the fats folds and it hurts me. In Baguio, I couldn't even walk a few meters and not grasp for air. Running/walking/jogging today was torture, if not for the neighborhood kids who kept begging me to run one more loop so I can run by their grandma's house and lift them for a few seconds.

I don't really intend to lose so much weight, I just want to be able to sit up and not have to straighten my back or have my fats folding and hurt. I want to stay below 60kgs if I could. I want to be able to run and not have my lungs cry "bloody murder."

So no more cold water, no more unscheduled sweets, no more zagu (cry internally), no more jolly spaghetti, no more two cups of rice.

This is going to be so hard as I am not really a diet person, but I know that the following mentioned will help bring down my weight to something that is appropriate for my age and body type; and then eventually when I am able to run/jog without having to curse the world for existing, then I can come back to eating what I want and when I want. So wish me luck, and A LOT OF MOTIVATION because seriously that's what I need most.
Started tonight with 2.56mi, not bad. not bad at all. 


Traveliztera said…
You actually look good kahit ano mangyari! But I do get your point na sometimes, it's a burden. I, myself, feel unhealthy. Mabilis na ulit ako hingalin and I think I should work out again. Hirap nga lang talaga pag dinrain ka na sa trabaho. Pero no more excuses. Samahan na kita!
ayzprincess said…
burden, in a sense that i cant do the things i used to do without being affected by my fats. lol. it sounds kadiri and funny but true. naiipit kasi yung mga fats ko, so im unable to do the things i used to do. huhu. pero nagkasakit nga ako, i just recovered, so imma run later again :)