Who are you?

I was looking for a place to write the guest list for my upcoming birthday dinner, and I found an old notepad that I used to plan my Thailand trip in 2012.

Whilst looking for a blank page, I chanced upon an old poem I wrote in May 2012. 

I didn't know I was capable of regret. 
I wasn't with him, so why would I with you? 

But I think of you and what could have been;
I know the kids wouldn't be good looking
  but you would love me and I would love you 
How can we ever get it wrong? 
I remember how you made me laugh.And how things were so easy with you;
  even when they're not.

I remember how you made me feel loved and well taken care of,
I miss that you know, 
I miss you.

I couldn't for the life for me remember ever writing it, or who I was writing it for. Or why I was writing about it in the first place. And there is no doubt that I wrote t because it is in my handwriting.

That is my handwriting

It made me more curious because I have been listening to Callie Moore's song "Just a Song" 

Oh well papel! Some days my memories fail me. 


Traveliztera said…
Si ano kaya to? hehehhe
ayzprincess said…
Haha teppy! I'm fairly certain this is not him. I mean, if him is the him we used to talk about, then yes, this is not him. haha