Starting the year with a good book!

This year, I'm getting back to my first love. And that is book reading!

I miss the days when I would literally, well almost literally, bury my nose in a book. I would be one of those people who walks slow in a busy street because I was reading a book. I spent lunches reading instead of eating. 

Reading a book is my therapy :) 

I wanted to start the year by re-reading my favourite book, Unbearable Lightness of Being, by my favorite writer, Milan Kundera. But I couldn't find where my sister has kept it. 
The caption to this photo was, "All a girl ever needs is her camera and her book" (when I was still into photography)

So instead I am settling for Life is Elsewhere by the same author. I like to put my name and the date of when I purchased a book on the upper right hand corner of the first page, and seeing that I remembered that I bought this book in 2010. I haven't finished reading the book since. Haha. So I'm re-reading it and familiarizing myself with Jaromil and Maman  
Life is Elsewhere

One of my "cultured" friends, Mycko, has been bugging me to read and finish this book. He knows how much I love Kundera, and to him, this is Kundera's best work. So yes, here goes sleepless nights and foregoing sleep in a bus or preferring to walk briskly because I am falling in love once again.