Love will be enough

That's the title of the story I wrote earlier today. It's inspired by Seabird's song of the same title.

I was speaking to a friend last night about writing (screenwriting) and short films and I thought I sort of promised him that I would work on the story board of a short film we attempted to shoot about three years ago. 

The teaser for the short film we attempted to shoot.

On the way home though, as I was contemplating, what to me felt like, this tremendous task while listening to Seabird's Troubled Days album, I was struck with an idea to write a different storyboard for a this story.

So I initially wanted to write an AV script and draw the storyboard for that story as I could picture in my head how I can use Seabird's We Can't be Friends as closing credit song or even a background music in one of the scene. But throughout my commute, Love Will be Enough played and I just had to write this story. 

So I drafted the story on the way home while the song was on repeat. When I got home I wrote the AV script and attempted to draw a storyboard.

My weak attempt at a story board
Now I'm not sure if I should publish/share my story. Or keep it and "hope" to translate it into a short film someday soon.