Why I like staying at hotels

My favourite friend, dee, flies home to the philippines in two weeks. And although, she'll be staiying in Manila the first week, she travels back to Baguio with her husband and son shortly thereafter (because that's where her husband and child is currently based).

Consequently, that would also mean that I have to travel to Baguio of I want to spend any time with we in the brief month that she'll be staying. Being that it is in two weeks or so, I am already scrambling for places to stay at when I get there. 

My top choice is my easiest pick, Casa Vallejo. It's this quaint boutique hotel located right smack in the middle of Session Road, in front of SM Baguio. Again, it's quaint, it has history, it's quiet. It houses it's own spa, bookstore, and restaurant, which to me is actually super convenient. 

Next on my list is Jack's Grand Loft (?) in Kisad Road if I'm not mistaken. It's a fairly new hotel that has great review on tripadvisor. It's small and from the photos and reviews, the architecture and feel of the place is amazing, the food isn't top notch but then again, it's free breakfast. 

Third choice would be Bloomfield Hotel, what could literally be a stone throw's away from Casa Vallejo. They also house their own spa and have special room rates should guests wish to stay in rooms without aircons (I'm not sure if the rooms are provided with electric fans instead) 

Many of people I know frowns unto my choice of staying in a hotel, citing unnecessary spending as the main reason. And yes, that is partly true as between those three hotels, my  3days 2nights Baguio trip will cost me somewhere from 3800php to 5400php just on accommodation alone.

And yes, I have considered that and as much as both I and my pocket hate to dish out that kind of money on accommodation, I still prefer to stay at a hotels mainly because I am very sensitive about toilet space and it's cleanliness. I would like to be able to go inside the toilet and be able to stretch my arms out. I also would like (but would not find it nevessary) to have warm water for showering on nights or mornings. Free toiletries may make me sound very cheap but I like that I don't have to think to remember to bring toiletries or look for tiny containers for my toiletries or have to buy new travel size anything. 

Number 2 reason would be because of the bath towels. I like packing light. And I hate having to pack anything wet. Staying in a hotel where towels are clean and is something that I didn't have to bing or take home is a major plus for me! I would be able to tick off yet another "I have to bring this" on my list. 

And finally, the third reason I like and prefer staying in a hotel is the security. Last July when I visited and stayed at Casa Vallejo, I was able to leave my phone charging in my room for more than 4-6 hours while I was out enjoying the city. I like that. I like that I can leave my phone and not have to worry about it getting lost. I like that after a whole day of going about the city, exhausted from everything, I can plop into sleep and not have to worry that my phone is charging will it get lost or where is my wallet I should put it under my pillow or inside my shirt.  

So yeah, I have two weeks to decide where to stay. Anybody else have any other Baguio hotel suggestions?