The worst part of a period

To me, that would be the stomachaches.

Oh yes, this is not some cheesy post about a vague period in my life, rather it's about the period that comes every month (or in my case, whenever it feels like it). Yep, that my period. 

And yes I mean the stomachaches and not cramps. Trust me, I know the difference. In the span of -- years of bleeding I have had the cramps once, maybe twice. And it's not like the regular stomachaches I get when I'm on my actual period. The debilitating pain of cramps is so that I cannot even bother to get up, I just lied in bed and waited to die. But that is a story for another day. 

So, stomachaches. I get this serious stomach pains every time on my period. It's that constant pain of feeling that you always want to do number 2, if you're lucky; because most of the time it feels like somebody or something is trying to crawl out of your stomach (if this is what being pregnant is, I shudder at the thought of it). It feels like you can actually feel the blood falling off the wall of your uterus (imagine a block of ice falling away from an iceberg) but your uterus is located in your stomach rather than  where it actually is. It feels like you have gas that will never run out regardless of how many times you try to pass it. It feels like a little creature is knocking at the walls of your stomach, with their sharp claws or teeth. It feels like it will never go away. T_T 

So yeah, times like this being a woman sucks. And oh, TMI I know but the pain is making me do it