It's so hard being a girl...

I'm in a bind. Well no, not exactly but it does feel like it :(

Last year, when my wonderful bro, Luke, married his longtime girlfriend Ivory, I was so surprised to be part of their wedding entourage. I like weddings, in the sense that I have an excuse to dress up, and look and feel good about myself. I like having making a reason to go on a hotel staycation, or getting new stuff for myself *bats eyelashes* I was so into it, I ended up buying a whole outfit!
This has to be my favourite dress to date! 

I love mi nude pumps!!

some of the accessories I got

I even bought a ring for my other hand. lol
Me??  Make up?? I know right?! 

This November, I am attending Ses and Gail's church wedding, and the dress that I originally wanted for Luke's wedding is now on sale!
I really want this dress :( 

But I will settle for this dress too!
The purple dress unfortunately is not available in my size anymore, unless I can fit in a size 0 (I wish!). The green dress is not available at all, but I can get it in a teal and is cheaper than the purple dress. Both of these dresses are available at ShopRuche for I don't know how long.

So this is the problem. I really want to get either dress because I know I can use it for other occasion other than Ses and Gail's wedding. I just know I can use it somewhere else! (I am convinced of this fact. lol) But I can't convince the stingy part of me, to spend so much for a dress (mind you, I have to buy a completely new whole set of accessories) and I'm not even part of the entourage. But is it too much to want to look good? 

I am this close - to purchasing this dress. I have a church mate who's flying to the States tomorrow, I can get the dress delivered to her and then she can hand it to me when she comes. Am I being irrational wanting to look good? Or spend as much for a dress? Please someone convince me that I shouldn't (??? or should I?) get this dress. Ugh!! Sometimes I hate being a girl. haha