Fall is here!!

I'm super stoked for TV's fall season! Most of my favourite shows are coming back and there are so many new ones to look forward to.

Personally, I hate TV's summer season; all my shows are on break and there's really nothing good on. Probably the only thing that made my summer bearable was Do No Harm, which unfortunately I heard is being discontinued because of low ratings. 

Baby Daddy and Royal Pains were also something that helped me get through this summer. I tried to keep up with Orphan Black but the story is too complicated and requires too much analyzing that it somehow felt such a drag to avidly watch it weekly. Perception was also there to keep me company. And though Graceland's story was too shallow for a cop/dea storyline, Aaron Tveit's face is something I will never tire seeing. The Goodwin Games were a surprising show, I love the dynamic between the siblings and how endearing Jimmy is as a father. Shows like Devious Maids and Whodunit, were light who-did-it "crime" drama. Right before the end of summer season, Hollywood Game Night also became a pleasant distraction and made me want to have game nights with my friends. I've got some pretty good game night game ideas from that show! And of course, Derek Waters' Drunk History is crazy hilarious! 

So onto the fall season. Like what I said all my favorite shows are coming back!! I'm most excited for Criminal Minds, Modern Family, Parenthood (I'm so ready to cry!) and Saturday Night Live. Almost as excited for 2 Broke Girls, Bones, New Girl, Person of Interest, Revenge, Revolution, Suburgatory, Survivor,among  other shows, to come back. 

I'm also excited about the new series that is going to be launched this season. I think I tracked all the upcoming shows that are premiering. Ha! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D seems promising, the Internet has been abuzz ever since talks about a tv show ala Marvel has come up. I am actually more excited to see that guy that's always in the Marvel movies, the one who does the recruiting. Yes him, I like him. 

I'm giving Almost Human a try, after all it's a JJ Abrams creation but I'm not holding out too much hope since the premise/synopsis feels weak. 

I'm a (current) court room drama fan, so Betrayal seems interesting. It is everything Harvey and Donna isn't on Suits. So yeah, I'll watch this show's pilot and decide from there. 

I initially passed on Brooklyn Nine Nine when I saw it on the upcoming list. Another cop drama? Don't I have enough of that? But when Seth Rogen mentioned (while hosting Comedy Central's Roast of James Franco) that Andy Samberg was going to be in on it, I thought why not. I love Andy but I'm not really holding out too much on this show too as I saw Andy's other series right after he left SNL the one where he's married to a British girl and he had to put up with her family; that to me, fell flat. So part of me feels this might be too. 

Like Brooklyn Nine Nine, I'm only tracking Dads because of its cast. Not a big Seth Green fan but definitely a Giovanni Ribisi fan. And hey, it's from Seth MacFarlane, and I love Seth MacFarlane! :) 

Pretty much the same thing about Dracula, not the biggest fan of vampires, Twilight completely ruined it for all of us, but total fan of Jonathan Rhys Meyers. 

I like family dramas/comedy, so I'm giving Enlisted and Welcome to the Family a try. I love stories about friends and friendships, so We Are Men is on my list. 

I have a thing for end-of-the-world-ish and sci-fi shows, so I'm giving Helix, The Tomorrow People and The 100 a try. Like what I said, I also enjoy a good cop drama, and it doesn't hurt that Dylan McDermott is in it too, so yeah, I've also bookmared Hostages. The Blacklist is also a cop drama, so it's part of my list. Intelligence sounds a bit like Nikita, and since I enjoyed Nikita, I'm giving this show a try too. Ironside's a cop drama, so yeah, check.

For Lucky 7, it's more that I'm curious how 7 people will split their lottery winnings. I know there's going to be a lot of drama if I was one of those 7 people, but I hope the show will be a comedy.

I'm not particularly a fan of Allison Janey, but I like Anna Faris a lot, so Mom is on my list too. I also like Sean Hayes, so I'm excited for his new show, Sean Saves the World. Sleepy Hollow is bookmarked because I really don't know anything about Sleepy Hollow, I thought this show might at least educated me.

Rebel Wilson is hilarious, and although I've heard her new show Super Fun Night got not so good reviews, I'm still going to watch it, I don't care what "critics" say, because if I did, I would run out of things to watch. lol

I haven't seen Sarah Michelle Gellar on anything for a while, so I'm excited to see The Crazy Ones, I also really like Robin Williams which is her co-star in the show.

I really enjoyed up all night, although it took me a while to warm up to Will Arnett, in the end I find him really funny, I hope it transfers to The Millers. Pretty much the same thing for Trophy Wife, it also took me a while to warm up to Malin Akerman, but I know she's really funny so that's one more addition to my list.

I just hope these shows don't get cancelled before they premiere. Haha