I first heard about GlamBox while searching for a local counterpart of BirchBox here in UAE. GlamBox is a monthly box subscription for AED 50 of different samples sent to your doorstep. I have been meaning to get a subscription but I haven't the slightest clue what my building's P.O. Box is. Today at Dubai's Christmas Bazaar, I saw their booth and was tempted to sign up, mostly because their November box looked so appealing. Sadly though, it was not available anymore and I had to settle for the December box. The girl at the booth was nice enough to give me a Bioderma sample from the November box, which was definitely the reason why I signed up on the spot.

Bioderma is a facial cleanser which is very famous within the beauty guru circles that I watch on youtube. More of Bioderma after the Glambox Unboxing.

So the package comes in a pink box with the GlamBox logo.

As you open the pink box, the official GlamBox greets you.

Opening the box, you have everything wrapped in black paper and tied with a pink ribbon.

There's a card that tells you to go online to redeem points or sign up. Here's the difference between the BirchBox and the GlamBox. BirchBox comes with a card that basically explains what you will be receiving that particular month. This is something that I think GlamBox should adopt, as for someone who is rarely online, I cannot wait until they put up the information about the samples to know more about it.

What's inside the box.

Green Bar Middle Eastern Rosewater Blend. Toner/Moisturizer, pore minimizing astringent and aromatherapy. 30ml

Green Bar Face Elixir. Moisturizer. 5ml

Gatineua DefiLift 3d. Day/Night Serum. 5ml

Some soap. I have no idea what this is for. lol

24 Gold Eau de toilette. 2 ml

CK Encounter. 15ml

Bioderma Sensibio H20.

I tried Bioderma tonight, it was good since I had make up on and I would see if the cleanser was effective.

Before today, I normally use L'Occitane's Ultra Comforting Cleansing Milk, and it's not bad at all. With Bioderma, I personally think that its cleansing properties are way better than L'Occitane's and it was nicer to my eyes as I had mascara and eyeliner that I on too. L'Occitane's very good in removing eye make-up/mascara and although it is safe, it has a little bit of sting when it gets in my eye, while Bioderma does not give me that feeling at all.

I am so excited for the January box. I just hope I get that email so that I can put in my address and they can send it to me next month!