So I just finished watching this week's episode of switched at birth. This week, the episode picks up from last week when we are left with emmet and simone in bed.

Here lies the dilemma, emmet is bay's boyfriend, bay is Toby's sister (there's a real long back story about this buy since I'm not really talking about the series, I'll leave this at that) Toby is simone's boyfriend. While shooting for a film for emmet's birthday, simone is called in to help with the equipment as she is the expert on these things. Things begin to get tense when emmet starts feeling guilty about the whole situation and starts to wonder if e should tell bay.

In his confusion, he tears himself away from the crowd and is found by his mother. He confesses, confused and obviously apologetic about the whole situation. And this is where the whole point of this blog is, his mother then starts dishing out advises and one of her advise was like this,"you just have I live with what you've done. The question is, should bay have to live with it too?"

And that got me wondering, it's true that in relationship one who committed the mistake would have to "live with what they've done," but is it necessarily true that the other person have to live with it too?

For the one who was wrong and made a mistake, this argument is perfect and makes a lot of sense. Why put the other person in misery? Or subject them through pain when they could go on and continue living their lives?

But then again, being that I have been to the other end of the spectrum, I would sure love to know. I don't know why, I am fully aware that the reality of it might kill me, but don't I have the right to know? Isn't it my right to know?

I just feel weird about it I guess, to be able to be on both ends (at different points in time) and still be confused is a feat. Oh well, better sleep this thin off :p