Renewing Your Mind

I've been listening to Pastor Mark Driscoll lately. (back story: I have been very excited about my spiritual life lately, which is something new to me. Last year, I started coming to 12stone's online campus since last year and have been in constant communication with Pastor Matt Hayes of the Online Campus. My spiritual life took a reality check when I discovered and started stalking spoken word artist and Christian extraordinaire Jeff Bethke. I have always been drawn to people who encompass and exude God's grace in their lives, Jeff Bethke speaking and being one of them.)

One of Jeff's influence on me (I speak as if I know him personally. haha), is The Gospel Project, which I blogged about here. Also, I would often read him tweet or post (facebook)about Pastor Mark Driscoll. I am not sure why exactly but lately there is a prompting in me that kept urging me to rather listen to things that are "noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy" (Philippians 4:8) than just about any music or look for any music when I'm bored with the ones I currently have. This is good since I have been battling to renew my mind for the longest time (which something that I have been learning through God's grace).

In the past, I would listen to 12stone's podcasts of our past services, which was something that I often times miss due to work or sometimes just laziness. Praise God lately though, I have going to our Sunday services online and serving every Tuesday service. Unfortunately though, that meant that I do not have anything else to listen to on my down time or to help me go to sleep. (If I do fall asleep though while listening to the podcast, I make sure to re-listen when I'm awake :)

So back to Jeff, I would often times see him tweet about Pastor Mark or post videos about services at their church that Pastor Mark would officiate. There was also an instance that I saw Pastor Matt retweeted a tweet from Pastor Mark.

I have never been really that interested to listen to him or even considered listening to him, because most of my christian friends would recommend listening to either Joyce Meyer or Pastor Prince (is that his name? the one from Singapore?). Most of the time though, I would really just rather listen to Jazz music or the music on my phone. One time though, Jeff posted a video of Pastor Mark and his wife, he accompanied it with this description: I love my pastor. Blessed by the fact that he is hilarious and also preaches the gospel unequivocally. Usually pastors are funny and super soft or preach the gospel but are as dry as kindle. Anyways, hope this video encourages.

Jeff Bethke's post about Pastor Mark

It took me a while to find time to watch this though but I am so glad I did. Pastor Mark and his relationship with his wife is so cool! I couldnt think of any other word to describe it. haha. And true enough to Jeff's words Pastor Mark is indeed hilarious. This snippet of their Real Marriage series at church gave me an idea, since I wasnt listening to my church's (12stone) podcast (again because I am updated and make it a point to go to church and serve :) I thought, maybe I should listen to Mars Hill's podcast/sermons instead. And two or three nights ago, I decided to download the Real Marriage series. I know it's weird, me being not married at all, being so interested in this series but like our Just Married? series at 12stone, true enough the message is not JUST about relationships with husband and wife but also one's relationship with God, or as I like to think it sometimes, my marriage to Jesus.

I am so glad I started listening to Mars Hill's podcast, he is really funny and I love the parts when Pastor Mark and his wife, Grace would answer the questions together. Through Friends With Benefits (24 Jan), Men and Marriage (30 Jan) and The Respectful Wife (8 Feb), I have learned a lot. Listening through The these first three podcasts helped me reached my decision to act upon renewing my mind. Nobody has ever truly explained to me how my mind is always filled with anger, lust, trust issues, doubt, and/or worries. The series helped me understand that there's no mind fairy that takes these things away, and that as hard as it sound, we have to work on it. So today, I have made a decision to work on renewing my mind. I have deleted movies/shows and decided to stay away from movies/shows that causes me to sin. I am closing my tumblr blog because some of the posts there causes me to sin. I am deciding to guard my heart. It's going to be a tough one but the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ will sustain me.

I am excited for this journey I am on :)


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