I have this love-hate relationship with my curly hair.

When I was younger, my hair was very indecisive. Meaning so that I'm not really sure if it wanted to be straight or wavy. There were days that it had its own mind and yet still other days when it was limp and straight like a pony tail. So seeing that this society dictated that long straight hair is beautiful, not mention easier to maintain, it was no surprise that I preferred the long straight hair over the wavy one, so much so that I went to different "length" to keep it straight.

Recently though, the curly hairstyle has swept the fashion scene, and curly was in and cool. So I started loving my wavy hair because I wouldn't need too much effort curling it.

Late last year, I decided to get a hair cut. Not anticipating the length that would be cut off, I still thought I could curl my hair, unfortunately though, that wasn't the case. My hair was so short the waviness and/or curly-ness doesn't suit it. I had to settle back to straightening my hair so it would look at least decent enough.

Just when I was comfortable with the straightening I do, I began noticing something every time my hair dries after washing it. Now it's not wavy anymore, it's actually curly!

My point?! Nothing really, just that my hair is back to being indecisive again. Haha


Meryl said…
YAY! BLOGGER! Haha. Also, I miss my curly hair.