The Gospel Project

One of the breakthroughs in my spiritual life, came in the form of watching a Spoken Word video by Jefferson Bethke.

"But now that I know Jesus, I boast of my weakness"

The reality of my salvation as being as definite as it is when Jesus died on the cross and the boldness and pride for my weaknesses because of Jesus Christ, hit right home. I never really understood the Christian principles I hold so dear than when I heard him say it with so much compassion and grace.

Naturally, being the stalker fan that I am, I followed (still follows) Jeff through his online activity. I followed him through his facebook and twitter account, and last night he tweeted this:

On my way to #gospelproject - @MattChandler74, @jdgreear, @edstetzer, &@TrevinWax. Tomorrow at 2! Watch online

And so I got curious and followed the link, which led me to The Gospel Project's website. I was definitely interested but couldnt find anywhere in the website where it explained what the Gospel Project is, (I normally look for About Us page or FAQ, but couldnt find any). The closest thing I got to answer though is this video:

And listening to Matt Chandler speak, I realised that I have been viewing the Bible incorrectly at some points too. Only when he explained it did I fully understand what it meant for one to put Jesus in the center of your life, to let Jesus be the focal point of the story. It was only then that I really, truthfully understood it.

So I am excited! I signed up for the initial, free first month study guide. I have yet to go over it, but would like everyone to know that the Gospel Project is out there and if you are as curious or interested, or if you need to deepen your knowledge of Christ, I think the Gospel Project is a good way to start!

I'm so very excited! Truly I am! I will blog more about it when I have gone through the study guide!

PS. If you are in Dubai or know someone in Dubai who would like to go over these study guides with me, just let me know :) It would be lovely to learn more about Jesus with someone :)


Unknown said…
Hi - I just moved from Dubai and can connect you with some friends who live there, or with a couple of church fellowships that you can attend if you're interested. Email me at