memories and questions

my story begins with, "it all started with a memory.." funny thing is, before i can even get to the next clause of the sentence, i had to stop and realise that memories are a funny thing. that even as convinced as you are with what you think may have happened, you may actually be false.

i had to stop because for once in my life, i was unsure if i could trust my memory. i was hurt, i was young, i was confused. could i have really remembered things the way they are? or is it possible that with all the emotional junk i was feeling back then, i started creating a memory that didnt exist.

and now im doubtful if i could trust my memories. im adamant to answer people's question or to obliged them when they ask for stories or have me recall the past.

have you ever doubted your memories? or are you always sure that what you remember are facts?how can you tell? how will you know?