why i love aj rafael

two nights ago, i was lying in bed and was really tired. i wanted to go to sleep but i couldnt. ive developed this habit of listening to anything to get to sleep. ive gotten bored of listening to maroon 5's album because it was the same day that the album was continually on loop thrice. (i know, i need more music in my phone)

so anyway, i was lying in bed and i thought that i should really start working on a new story or at least write a script for my past stories. but ive always been hitting a wall every time i try to write a script as ive always wanted to find the perfect song for every storyline. and then i thought, what better way to start the writing process than to look for a song that would fit any of my stories and my what could be's.

i am a big fan of wong fu productions and i know they belong to a large youtube community of artist. so i decided to start looking from their page. i like david choi but i didnt find any of his music that would suit my stories or any would be's.

and then..

i found him..

and i fell in love

so why do i love him?

a) he's a musician (i have a thing for musicians)
b) he plays the piano (im a frustrated pianist)
c) he's younger than me (i have a thing for younger men)
d) he has an amazing voice (click the video to listen)
e) he's filipino (born and raised in america but filipino nonetheless)
f) he's a firstborn (it seems i have a thing for firstborns too. lol)
g) i just love him. i think that pretty much sums it up. lol

so yeah, i havent been a fangirl since i was with itchyworm's chino.. looks like i have a new obsession. lol


jimi said…
galing nya magpiano.. hahaha
ayzprincess said…
napakaunderstatement na magaling siyang mag piano!! T_T

obsessed lang ako pasensya :)
ang ganda ng lyrics.. nakaka... ---basta! napadaan lang dito para mag sinungaling! haha
ayzprincess said…
oo nga ang danda!!! :)

salamat sa pag daan :) ako rin daan sayo :)
shirt.quote.toh said…
mahusay cyang magplay ng Piyano! malikot ang mga daliri nya! pero masmalikot ang isipan mo! ahihi
ayzprincess said…
hahaha. paano mo naman nasabe na malikot ang isip ko?

salamat sa pag daan :)
I'm a big fan of wong fu too! hehe pero si aj...haha he's cool too :P
ayzprincess said…
Hi Josh! Your teppy (mshypersinger)'s friend di ba?!

I love Wong fu, and I like aj a lot I guess because he's a really great pianist and I'm a frustrated pianist. Lol

Thanks for dropping by, I watch your channel :))