standard log in

so earlier today, my good friend em, posted an audio link of tune in crew's remix version of beyonce's best i never had. i liked it, so i went ahead and googled the song, which directed me to sound cloud. i got curious (i know?! its a vicious cycle!) and i wanted to check out what sound cloud was all about. but as much as i like reading, i don't like reading the technical how-to's of websites, normally, i sign up for these kinds of things without forethought and blindly learn what its all about.

going back to the point of this whole story, (I'm getting there, i promise!), i wanted to check the website out but i didn't want to sign up and have to go through the rigamarole of putting in my email add and info, verifying my registration before i can finally go about and do my business at their site. which led me to thinking (and here's the point of all this ranting) wouldn't it be nice (if we we're older /sings, [no, not the song. and yes, if you're not yet familiar by now, i do like to talk to myself a lot. and at this point, i am also talking to myself. but i digress, i was thinking, wouldn't it be nice if you can have a standard log in for trying out websites??

i mean, wouldn't it great if you would just have say one log in username and password for logging on to websites and trying out what they offer??

but then again, wouldn't it be better if websites would have free trial pages pages where one wouldn't have to necessarily sign up to get to try what they have to offer??