spiritual family

probably the best thing that has ever happened to me, spiritually speaking - after my salvation, i would say that it would be finding my spiritual family - 12stone

my church (it makes me giddy excited to call it mine or to think that I'm part of it :) is based in lawrenceville, georgia and headed by Pastor Kevin Myers whom we (year! i still can't get over the fact that i am part of this church!) we like to call PK.

since i am unable to fly myself out to georgia every sunday, we have an online campus that streams all our services every sunday at 10am and 6pm EST, MOnday's at 8:00pm EST and now TUesday's at 12:10pm. when i can i go to the 10am service, which is 7:00pm dubai time with DST and 8:00 without. when i miss it i try to wake up at 4am for the monday, 8pm service. if i still miss it, our services are recorded and can be downloaded as mp3 in iTunes :)

what's amazing is, we're holding a new service every tuesday, that mean, i can catch the service at 6am wednesday morning my time when i miss the sunday and monday service. :) and since our online campus is growing, Pastor Matt Hayes, the online campus pastor started asking volunteers who would want to help. (i know i keep saying I'm giddy excited about this, but i truly most absolutely am) and i just volunteered. pastor matt has received my email and i am expecting him to email me back soon :)

i told him about being here in uae and he said that there should be no worries, there are lots of ways that we can serve god. i am excited about that a lot :)

the reason why I'm so excited about this is because I've recently recommitted my life to god. I'm done being a fan and is now a full pledged follower. i know there's so much risk in being public with my faith, as people would look at me differently and would expect much more and that scares me a lot but i am in faith that god's grace will sustain me.

i am stepping out of my comfort zone. I'm anxious but I'm willing to become a movable piece in god's will.

so far, i haven't done much but to actually recommit and change the way that i think, also to genuinely change the way that i am, but god is even faithful at this time, showering me with his blessings. i know that to those that much is given, much is required and that god is requiring much from me now, but i will run the race and hold on to the prize that which god has already won for me, even if it means i have to crawl to the finish line :)

now back to reading cs lewis! the series at church is done already and i haven't finished reading the reference book :)

hope everyone will be blessed by god in different ways :)