reset button

so i tinkered with the new blogger interface and i ended up "ruining" my page and it just frustrates me so that i cannot turn it back.

isnt it the same thing with life? something new comes along and we get curious, we want to try it out, we want to see what its like and before we know it, we hate the results and we just want a reset. wouldnt it be wonderful if life had a reset button? just say out loud how this was nothing you thought it would be or how you dont like how it is or that you were wrong in the first place to even try it? and bam alakazam! reset. life as it was.

if only.

if only.. because i would love to have that reset on this blog page and put it back the way it was..



Welcome back to blogging, Ayz! :)
ayzprincess said…
Yeay!! Thanks kuya. I hope it's continuous though, with the rise of tumblr and reblog, easy and simpler blogging you sometimes want that than all the hulabaloo of html's and writing something of essence. Lol

I rant :) thanks again ;)