Back from the dead

So I haven't been posting in the past few days. Well mostly because I can't think of anything to write about.

I was going to write about how surfing is like life but then I actually didn't get to surf at all, so my discussion would be invalid; because how can one try to parallel two things when one hasn't experience the other thing.

Anyway, I digress. So what would it take for me to write. Truth is, my writing process is a little weird. It normally starts with a picture. Like a still image. Like a photograph. In example, this story started from an image of two lovers under a tree. Thats literally how that story began; from that particular image, I thought of what could be a story from it.

Then from that single image, an ending; which is normally the easiest part because Im really not a sucker for happy ending, so it's a no brainer, it's never happy; the very least it's open ended.

When I have an ending, I think of a turning point (the premise and/or climax of the whole thing in a form of conversation), which usually encompasses the whole story. For the "lab story" , it was when Ynah said that "i dont get it." From that particular phrase, the story (at least to me) started unfolding.

When I have all of that, I then think of a conflict. Conflict has always been the hardest for me to write. What would the problem be that led to this particular picture or the ending for that matter. for this particular story i knew that they werent going to end up together but i had to think of why. i couldnt use the best friend angle because i used that once before already (post was deleted). i also couldnt use the f*ck buddy angle because that was my premise for the test. so it took a while to think of the body of the story but i did get it through after a few hours of thinking. which is the other problem for me. a lot of my stories gets unpublished (at least in my blog) mostly because i cant find the conflict i need to make the story interesting but apart of that, i dont nurture images or conversations that refuse to birth a conflict, and unfortunately, i forget if i cant think of a conflict.

so anyway, the whole point of this particular entry is that, i do have another image in mind. the heart of the conversation or what could start the conflict but i still dont have the actual conflict. ive been brewing it since this afternoon and its 8 past in the evening and i still cant think of anything, hopefully i think of a good conflict so this blog could have some life. lol :)

any suggestions??