dear love,

its not question that i am picky; with the things i eat, the clothes i wear, the places i visit - those are some of the things i could think of...

i hate the heat. i love summer and being on a beach but i hate the heat. i hate that icky feeling that you get when its too hot and you just can't wait to get out of your jeans or get in the shower.

so love, let me tell you. i will not hold your hand when its hot. partly because my hands will probably be sweaty and i hate that. if you play any contact sport and win, its highly likely that i will tell you off and won't hug you or kiss you to congratulate you but would even go to so much length as to avoid personal contact at least until you've showered.

love, i pray you understand. it does not mean that i am embarrassed or that i don't like you anymore, i just don't like that icky feeling when you or i am sweaty.

so love me better if its cold. i am a better lover then. i will hug and cuddle even when our feet is cold or when the blanket's too small for both of us. i would still kiss you even if i can barely breathe or exhaling fog out of my mouth.

welcome me in winter. warm me in your arms.

your beloved


Anonymous said…
nyehehe...ang arti...
ayzprincess said…
ikr! :)

ma-arti talaga ako :) common knowledge na ata yun :)

pero your shouldnt be bothered, di naman ikaw si love e. lol :) )

thanks for visiting pala :)