Random stuff you have to know about me:

1) I have an ongoing love affair with the Internet. I may not be obviously visible, as I don't update my blog(s) much or post status and/or photos on any and every social networking site that I have signed up for, but it does not mean that I am not online. I'm internet's silent mistress.

2) I am not insistent. I would be the worst sales person in the world. If client says no, one time, I walk away. Same thing with friends, people, family and especially, acquaintances. All I need is a yes or a no. Do not expect me to beg you to do stuff for me or go places with me when you're clearly unsure of what you want. I will not argue with you about getting things my way. It's either you want it or you don't. End of the conversation.

3) I'm as talkative as hell but I will shut myself up when I'm on a trip. Unless it's a road trip and we're singing in the car. Other than that, I like to think of travel time as my downtime/thinking time.

4) I will never say yes to you asking me out, or give my number to you when you ask for it, or ask your age if I'm not interested. If I did say yes/give my number or ask your age, it's highly probable that I am interested. I may not like you that much but I'm definitely interested and would like to know what you have to offer in my otherwise mundane life :))

5) If we're friends, I'd rather you be brutally honest than say what you think I want to hear. Chances are, I already know what to do or say and nothing that you tell me can ever change my mind, but we are friends and I value your opinion, if your point is valid, I will definitely consider it.

6) I delete every trace of your existence in my life if I'm angry. Fine. Not every trace, mostly yor phone number, messages and email. This is probably because I like, or liked, you so much, I fear that in a desperate attempt I will try to contact you and make you change your mind :))

7) Books and ice cream will always make me feel better. Ok maybe Royce chocolates too :) but you will never get it wrong when you give me books and ice cream. Never!

I'd cut this right here because I have ran out of randomness for the day :)


Traveliztera said…
OMG ur back! ! ! :D

Okay... pareho tyo... hindi ako minsan nagpaparamdam pero stalker ako hehehe!

antarayyyy either u want it or u dont... pero true naman... haha

i miss u! <3

royce chocolates!!! yummm
ayzprincess said…
hahaha. i didnt know you still read my blog :)

im back every now and then.. im dealing with some drama stuff, i guess that's why im back. lol

i have a tendency to not write when im happy :))

miss you teppy!! come let's eat royce!!!