on being contradictory

remember when i said that i wouldnt be caught dead with an iphone?

i mustve died already because somehow, i have this new system :) and it makes me giddy all over. im gonna call it Mantis. as in silver surfer's love interest. im no comic book fan and i had to google her to find out if she even exist but there's a backstory somewhere there that i cant share yet :)

my brother is going to get Tyler Prince (my 4th gen ipod touch) and he'll prolly change his name, maybe even remove the name altogether. Tyler and i have had our run, he didnt find his match because i was unable to get my hands on a macbook which i originally planned to call Sydney White..

so there. i am now exploring Mantis in hopes that my curiosity will be satisfied. lol :)

giddy giddy! i dont have much words!!