me + ios 5 = excite!

im super excited about the ios 5.
ios 5

as you (the two people that read my blog and that even includes me. lol) ive recently acquired my latest mac baby, an MBP i named norinn radd. ive also just got an iphone4 (so this is the dead me, blogging - inside joke reference check previous post) i named mantis. and i have had tyler prince, my ipod touch, since early this year (but will be passed on to my brother who is in the philippines.

anyway, im super excited because ive never really given much thought about ios 5. i was pretty satisfied to be able to upgrade for free for my os lion and couldnt care much about the iphone 5 (as ive previously reconciled that i wont be able to afford it. lol) but ive been having trouble with my mobileme (couldnt log in from my mbp) account and cant quite fully comprehend the icloud app. so i read up. and landed on apple's website only to learn more about ios 5.


i think by far, the notifications would be the best thing about the ios5. if you've ever had an itouch, iphone or ipad, you know that the old notification shows up in the middle of the screen as a blue box and that you cant do anything else unless you either close or view that notification. for the new ios5, notification shows up at the top of your screen and, from my understanding, still lets you finish what you're currently doing before you give it the time of the day.


one of the other things im super excited about ios5 is its capacity to send unlimited messages provided that all your system is connected to the internet.


im fairly new to mbp, so im not sure if reminders is something old but as far as i know, there isnt one for itouch. i like this a lot because i like making notes, random thoughts, things i have to buy, tiny poetry. also, i like to be reminded about things i have to do, series i have to download and those sorts.


mac is making all social networking sites a run for their money. with the update of the new ios5, twitter is being integrated in most apps. tweet away a photo, a video or even a map. no need for facebook check in or sharing a link or youtube video, everything is a tweet away with the ios 5.


camwhores unite! i love love love the idea that i dont have to unlock my device to be able to take photos. or the fact that i can use volume up as an alternate shutter button. there's also updates to be able to auto focus and pinch to zoom. there's also photo enhancements for your photos, such as auto enhance and red eye reduction. its like a mobile photoshop (or paint)!


no need to connect your device to a mac or pc. you can activate and update wirelessly! no need to wait to get home or to a computer to be able to use your device, no need for wires or usb!

above all, the icloud comes with the update. so you'd be able to sync all your files together. save a photo, file, music, video in your icloud and all your other icloud location will show your files, talk about connectivity huh?!

so i know i know. im such a geek, fussing over something that's not yet here and something i havent tried.. but but but!! i do feel excited. ios5 and icloud comes in the fall, so it should be around september. never mind that that new iphone5 has better face camera resolution than the old ones, the software updates makes up so much for everything else that the "old" devices may lack.

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pps. no, im not being paid by apple with this blog post