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for someone this cluttered you would think id be oozing of artistic juices, overflowing even. sad to say though, I'm not. I'm just a lazy ass writer-wannabe who... wait for it.. ok. there's nothing else after that. lol

but seriously i should start cleaning up eh!? but i like my mess. its like what charlie epps (david krumholtz) used to say in numbers, "there is symmetry in my chaos"

i am actually sitting here debating on cleaning up my mess or writing, right now nothing is winning. and I'm blogging instead. lol

so let me just itemized my clutter.

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1) is the edge of the monopoly here and now box that i bought but have only played once (with myself, i know, such a loser) yet
2) the macgrudy's paper bag that the monopoly came with. i have a thing for paper bags and cannot part with them
3) baby's school bag that i have yet to send to him
4, 5 and 6) the bath and body works spoils that i bought for friends and family when there was a crazy sale. only bag number 6 actually contains the goods, i just can't part with paper bags i tell you
7) the bible i got from cyndi and what i use to follow the services at
8) my prayer/spirtual notebook that koo got for my birthday two years ago, used to be my dear love notebook
9) the box for my straightener/curler
10) the plastic bag that came with my iPhone case
11) our telephone
12) the actual straightener/curler
13) my nike overnight bag from two weeks ago's trip to auh, still contains some of the stuff i need to put back in my closet
14) mbp charger
15) iPhone box with the charger, usb connecter - basically everything else but the phone itself
16) dell charger
17) norrin radd - my mbp
18) the mbp box, with everything in there except the charger and the mob itself
19) itouch's usb connecter - I'm not sure if this is my sister's or my brother in law's, its definitely not my old itouch's or my iPhone's
20, 21, 22, 23) HOBBES and my sister's toys (i don't know their names)
24) pammee, the night fox from yoo-hoo and friends that i got two weeks ago along with the monopoly, she is somehow tangled with the dell charger
25) my face wipes, on nights that i don't feel like washing my face, which is every night. lol
26) my make up kit
27) garett's popcorn from yesterday
28) my leg
29) the dell laptop that i still use to watch the series i have downloaded and still downloading :)
30) toiletries who have no business being in the living room. lol

so that's about it. hope i get the drive to clean my mess up. lol