its 6am, the storm is raging outside and im thinking of you.. or who might you be..

my ym status says, "dear lord, ako naman," which i know is unfair, because i know god has been so good to me, especially lately, and that i have received countless of favors from him, those even that i have not asked for but he knows perfectly well that i need.

alex whitman's (matthew perry, fools rush in) words keeps ringing in my head,i was afraid that ive already met the (wo)man of my dreams in the dry cleaners or something but i was too busy to notice. i am relieved by the fact that there are little or no do it your own dry cleaners here or that i dont go to them at all.

then there's prince henry's (ever after), is everything just chance or is some thing's meant to be?

what is wrong with me?? dont answer that.

i blame the stillness of the morning and the rain. and ever after last night.


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