i wish i smoke

so i could let the smoke drown my emotions.

so that with every puff, i would blow away the hurt and the pain. so that i could say that the smoke hurts my eyes, they are the reason why i cry.

i wish i smoke. or that my pain is like a cigarette. i will light it up, take it in, puff it out. i would put it in my mouth, savor it in my tongue, let it roll, take a few in and eventually let everything out.

i will play with it as it plays with me. i would want to give up but secretly still crave for it.

i wish i smoke. so that everything i write (or i try to write) would make sense, to me, to smokers..

i wish i smoke..


Ruthan said…
naf-frustate din ako magsmoke pero alam ko mahal ko baga ko pero puso ko hindi...
ayzprincess said…
wow ruthan.. may reply pala to.. ahihi.. ngayon ko lang nakita.. kamusta naman after 3 months. lol :))

ako mahal ko ang puso ko, kaya lang di yata ako mahal ng puso ko :D