dear love,

let me tell you a thing or two about girls (in other words, me in general). girls will always like flowers. they will tell you they dont but they will always swoon when you give them one or some.

sometimes its not enough that you just say or show that you love them, sometimes they need to both hear and see that you do.

when a girl walks away, its always partly checking if you will go after her. go, but only if you really still want to be with her. this is to save you both of any pain, anger, regret or blame in the future.

she will never trust you but she will always love you. i know it sounds unfair but it is the truth. she will always doubt that there is someone else. she will always think that that girl likes you and you're not dissuading her/them enough. she will insist to be with you always because she wants to know that in the littlest details, in the busiest time of your life, you remember her, you think of her.

she will always appreciate a random gift, txt, i love you, the tiniest "oh you remember" or "you didnt forget"

she doesnt want you to do things because she wants you to do it. she wants you to do them because you want to, because you know that it would please her, that it would make her happy or the very least, smile.

in any situation, a hug is will always make her feel better. hold her hand. kiss her in the forhead, just show you care. sex is not always the answer to make her feel secure.

hold her heart firmly yet freely. enough for her to know that you are capable to take care of her yet free enough that she doesnt feel constricted.

she will cry, she will whine, manipulate, smile. she will throw tantrums to see if she can get what she wants. she will fake an illness to keep you close, she will laugh at your corniest joke. she will be complicated, she will be easy, she can be anything you want her to be.

and love, trust me she will hate you, she will pretend to not want you. keep loving her i beg you. she's only scared that you would leave her before she can leave you and that would break her.

complicated is an understatement to describe a woman, love. but i pray that you would pick out all the mask to get to her heart. and when you do love, hold on to it. you've got her. hold on to it.