dear love,

being with you was hard and easy. like what i told you, i had to relearn everything but i didnt mind. today as i was speaking to damdam, she said that the true measure of what you feel for a person comes when you are lying next to him. i thought about how i feel when im lying next to you, i have to keep the tears at bay so i could finish this letter.

dont hate me love. life has jaded me. it broke me apart, and over and over it has.

love, i know this is a tad bit too late and it wont do any good but indulge me, i beg you.

i walked away because i was scared. i was beginning to see what you were seeing and i started to question us. i kept thinking a future with you would be so chaotic. how would we raise our kids, our values were too different. how would we live together, im too much to handle most times.

i wish i could list down all the reason.

i guess i just want to say that im sorry. i was wrong and im sorry