we will say goodbye

and just like that we will say goodbye.

no incriminating emails.

no missent messages.

mo proof of infidelity or any hint of unfaithfulness. just words hanging in the air. words waiting to be heard but unwanting to be spoken.

our hands refused to touch. our eyes keep avoiding each other. we sit as if an invisible wall separates us. we sigh like there's no more hope.

you turn your head and i am looking away. i am anywhere but next to you.

and when i finally turn my head to look into your eyes, you nod.

i wait, wanting to speak but never having the courage to. then i too shall nod. a single tear will escape from my eye. with a finger, i will brush it away. i will not let you see it. i will not let you think about it.

then you will stand. and you will walk away.

and once again, i will be alone.

and just like that, we will say goodbye.

just like that..

i love you..


ayzprincess said…
sad ba? ahhihihih

im emo laek that :D