good friends.. good vibes

havent blogged in a while...

i am having the best time of my life. its so nice to be around old friends (old, not new not old, aged). you know how they say everything old is better, like old wine and stuff, that's kind of how i feel about my friends right now.

got to baguio around midnight yesterday and was picked up by shan, who skipped a few minutes from work to take me to her house. wasnt in the mood to sit and watch her work at work so went home at her house instead. she got home in the morning and slept so i decided to go to my friend dee instead. she's the one who flew in. got there and she was still asleep, so was sarah, her sister, so just hung out with her brother, rodan and watch tv, talked about our favorite topic in the whole world. no im not going to say who it was what's it about. :P

when dee woke up, ate late lunch and played with her son, deinnielle, whom i havent seen in ages too :D went out to slu hospital with dee, sarah, and david (their youngest brother) to have deinnielle vaccinated and then to sm to meet up with the rest of the gang. marshy got there first, then mitch, shan, and moses. talked about old times, friends, the future.. coffee conversations with good friends, it couldnt get better, right? :D

but mitch got cajoled into getting us dinner, since he just graduated (rites on the 17th, too bad, i wont be here for it). waited a few minutes or an hour for erick, dee's husband and shopped around with sarah and shan. dinner at don hen session like old times (BUFFALLO WINGSS!!) too bad we couldnt get our old table. even saw our old church pastor :P lafftrip all the way, remembering good times and old jokes (SCRABBLE!!) we were so noisy people were prolly wondering what the fuzz is all about, but i didnt care, its good to be in the company of friends. stayed longer than don hen's closing, like we always do :D revived old jokes about bottomless drinks...

the night was young, so drinking session at mitch's with his kuya francis and marsh and her cousin, kristine.. talked about old relationships and church. ahahah. another favorite topic :P

so much has happened and that was just on day one. :D

good friends.. good vibes.. i love the city of pines :D especially when my friends are here.


ps. kuya chie, m, errr.. sorry about the phone call. ahihih.. love you bitches!!! :D


after a year.. :D

dee's baby boy


Sino 'yung naka-pink???

Hehe irereto ko sana ke Chroneicon. *LOLz*
ayzprincess said…
si marshy?? ahahah

may jowa na yun.. pero kung si chie ang paguusapan.. hirit lang nun, "ang lupang may papel nga, naagaw e.. jowa pa!" ahahahah

labyu kuya!!