the apo reef adventure

had one of the bestest time of my life. sabi nga ni jason sulit na sulit naman ang byahe dahil solb na solb kaming lahat (or at least ako) sa adventure na ito

for the longest time, i am at a loss of words to say. so let the pictures speak for themselves :D

banner design by rson

the view from the lighthouse

warning the following pictures will be of my wh0ring self. lol

hobbes photoshoot

i touched a real live pawikan :D

the lagoon

hobbes and i extremly enjoyed our apo reef adventure :D

jason, ioni, teya, ayz, butch, bob, euen , mark, sherwin, mike and rson

for more pictures click this link


WOWOWOWOW. ganda naman po..
sana makapunta rin ako diyan!:)
galing naman ng nagpotoshop ng pics. :)