who wouldnt fall in love with michael cera?

just finished watching nick and norah's infinite playslist.

music lovers everywhere would love it. the story's kinda, ok well, its very simple. pero daming songs :D

its about a hung up boy and a "desperate" girl he meets one night when his ex girlfriend is rubbing in his face that she's dating someone else. and this ex girlfriend is the girl's bitch classmate who picks on her for being smart and not having a boyfriend. (somebody stop me before i spoil the ending!)

anyway.. im prolly the biggest fan of the movie juno, where michael cera is the lead guy. and here in this movie, he's nick.

who wouldnt fall in love with michael cera. he's not all good looking but he's cute and endearing and charming. and the roles that he plays (the two that ive seen so far) are all smart asses, so he's smart in my book.

he's this shy, smart, simple, awkward but intelligent kid with all this charisma and with my latest nice guy obsession, michael cera takes my number one spot. oh i love you so! :D

norah: are you sad we missed it?
nick: we didnt miss it. this is it. *hearts*

p.s. you dont know who he is? google your face!!! :P


cyndirellaz said…
napanood ko din yan kaso kalahati lang, nagtotopak kasi internet eh, tagal mag buffer! pero ang sweet ng beginning nila, so i guess the ending ay maganda. ang ending ba ay nakita din nila ang hinahanap nila?
Anonymous said…
hahaha.. wag spolier!!

maganda.. tapos ang geeky, nerdy, smart ass pa ni michael cera.. love ko na tlaga sya :D