im such a sucker for nice guys

waiting in the rain, sharing his umbrella with me. reminding me to change my shirt because it was drenched in the rain.

talking to the new girl. (the new girl being me)

waiting until i boarded the bus.

never making me wait. being on time.

insisting to cross the road with me.

holding my hand when i get scared.

a hug.

good guys are hearts.. :D


m a n n said…
huwaw dalagang pilipina si yce ah... padaan lang po.
ayzprincess said…
di rin!! dalagang pilipina ka dyan!!

i just think its nice.. i think nice guys are nice.. :D
cyndirellaz said…
kahit ako, i wud really prefer a nice guy ^^ hu wudn't?
ayzprincess said…
e di ba, girls usually like the bad boys type.

i just think, its nice to be taken care of for a change :D