put*! are you screwing with my head??

hey guys guess what? i passed ateneo's grad school program on a provisionary basis/probationary status. i got the letter today, three weeks later, after school has started, baka nga a month na after the enrolment has ended. this is madness!! (sabe nga ni m)

at first i was confused, i had all my plans laid out now that i didnt pass, and now, i dont know what to do. i wanted to call my sup, ask what to do.. i started to rethink my plans.. and then i checked the date they sent it out to me (the letter itself said, oct 23), the sent it out nov 26. great! they sent it out, 16 days after classes started!

and then, i realized.. that this often happens. whenever im hell bent to do anything, something always comes up to test how serious i am about it. most of the time i used to always give in to whatever it is, fearing that i may be missing out on something that im supposed to do. but this time, i wont. im taking a different turn and doing what i need to do, what im hell bent to do.

so i guess im sticking with my plan! this is just some shiny trinket on this road that im traveling that's not even worth picking up.. (read: this is me convincing myself that im doing the right thing!)

arggghh!! i pray im doing the right thing :(