fave friend

lage akong nasasabihan nuon na ang dami ko daw bestfriend. actually, i never really thought of having "THE" best friend, kasi wala pa naman sa buhay ko talaga yung nag leave ng imprint or continuously leaving an imprint in my life. nung una akong matawag na best friend ng hiskul best friend ko, i felt obligated to call her one too. sa kanya ko actually nakuha yung, "wala akong best friend, marami akong close friends" kaya yung sobrang overwhelmed feeling na maging bestfriend nya, sort of made me feel that i had to call her my best friend too. of course through time, we did grow closer as friends, and being best friends with her, kind of grew on me too..

tapos, when i was 21 and my childhood bestfriend was 18, at her party, she introduced me as her best friend. truly, apart from everyone else, lyn (up to that time) was the embodiment of a best friend in my life. i have known her forever and we have been through alot together and apart. we stayed friends despite the distance (i was studying in baguio then, she was studying in letran manila). i knew and i still know that lyn will always and forever be my friend, whatever decision i make, stupid or otherwise, whatever religion, belief i chose, wherever i go. whatever i do. kabisado na namen ang ugali ng isat isa and although may age gap, we get along best (compared to her ates, one of which was my batchmate and even classmate in elem, tapos schoolmate in hiskul. her other ate was my sister's classmate too).

for a time lyn was the perfect bestfriend. she fit the bill, embodied the term. not that she doesnt anymore but then i met dian.

dian and i went to the same church in baguio, we moved in different circles but dian's friendly and welcoming presence would always draw people in. and i am no exception. i dont really remember the first time we clicked, i remember the first time i saw and met her, but that didnt really made us instant friends.

my fave friend

she's the perfect listener. she's the nicest friend. we can talk for hours and we still feel that we havent really talked that much and that we need to share more stories. we love long walks and cheesy (sometimes kid-ish) movies. we love to dance.

dee's the most gracious person i know. she never judges, she just accepts. she says rebuke, advice, sermon in the most charming and loving way possible.
if you've met chie, she's kinda like him, only she's a gurl and he's not. she's so charming and nice, you cant help but like her and be her friend. honestly, i dont know anyone who doesnt like her. even the boys that she (well, there're no really good way to say it) dumped, (or told that she doesnt like them) are still her friends. most of them havent given up until, well, she got pregnant and married.

true friends forever

dee is my favorite friend. favorite because i dare not put her in the same category as my "best friends" not that they're better or she is but she's just different. i would want everyone to meet a dee, if not meet her personally.

i miss her badly. we saw each other last november 2007, at her dad's funeral in pampanga. it was more of a festive reunion of sorts than a sullen family get together. everyone who has been friends with either the galangs (their last name), there are 5 of them, would instantly become part of their family. she's in abu dhabi right now begging me to come stay with her there. she was here a few weeks back to take care of her son who's in bicol while her mom had fly back to abu dhabi for a while.

i havent seen her in a year. and i miss her badly, i told her that.. im giddy excited because my sister is flying back to oman on the 17th and her plane lands in abu dhabi international airport, dee will come meet my sister before she boards her connecting flight to oman, so im making lists in my head of the things id like to send her. she'll finally see the slideshow i made for her.. :D

anyway.. like what i was saying, i hope we'll all find and keep a "dee" in our lives. a friendship so great, time and distance cannot ever sever it..

i miss my gurlz so bad, but i especially miss dee the most


Kirk said…
parang ako lang ah... may bestfriend rin ako ngayon... pero hindi na kami nagkikita ng halos isang taon, lumipat na kasi ng skwelahan. pero kapag nagkakausap kami sa text, parang halos araw araw kami kung magkita. ni hindi ko na nga alam ang itsura nya ngayon eh, ang alam ko lang may boypren na siya at globeunlichat user siya lol.
ayzprincess said…
wow! ako rin super miss ko na fave friend ko.. every now and then we try to catch up. she's so busy with work and family life that we really rarely get to talk that much anymore.

ang cute naman ng trivia mo sa best friend mo. ahahah
cyndirellaz said…
miss ko na din ang aking best friend dahil magkalayo na kami ngayon pero we never forgot to keep in touch w/ each other..

you're lucky to have a friend like her, treasure what you 2 have ^^

ps: pa add naman po sa blog roll thanks!
ayzprincess said…
thanks cyndi..

i do, we stay connected despite the distance.. thanks for dropping by
Carl said…
now that i think about it, i feel that i dont have that many friends. they say that if you have more than one friend, you have more than your share. i have a few which i can say that are true friends, but a best friend? i dont believe i have one yet. Cherish this one ayz.
Jandale said…
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Anonymous said…
ate... nagtuturo ka sa enverga? don ako graduate eh. :)
ayzprincess said…
@ carl - i do.. i cherish her a lot and im grateful that i found a friend in her.. add mo ko sa mga friends mo, ayan plus one na. ahaha

@ josh - ah talaga. small world :D
spongebabe said…
i can also relate to not having a best friend. i have lots of close friends that i treasure, pero none of them i can truly, exclusively call "the best." each of my close friends are best in certain aspects, so, i think all of them are really my best friends.

hmm. wait. i'm rambling.
ayzprincess said…
hi spogebabe.. i know.. that's why i call dee my fave friend.. actually, she's everyone's fave friend.. :D

no worries about the rambling, i ramble myself alot too.

thanks for dropping by! :D
jiMboy said…
That is one sweet story. Kahit ako wala pa ni-consider na "Bestfrriend". Though there are some who claimed me as one. I dunno...

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you. I found you on a blog hop. :D
ayzprincess said…
thanks for dropping by jimboy :D

i hope that you find a fave friend like i did :D
rolly said…
I wouldn't mind having as many best friends as I can get. Real friends are very hard to come by and one is lucky if one can get more than one.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and yours.