there's this story that's been brewing in my head for almost a week now. but i cant get myself to write it down. i was thinking of finally using that notebook that jp aka prince chubby and his girlfriend, jera got me from japan. ive had it middle of this year but i havent had the heart to actually use it. hindi ko rin magamit ngaun, kasi i kept thinking, id put janice's gift to use, since i promised her. (not that i have it with me now)

why not use my laptop? i saw this kirsten dunst film called how to lose friends and alienate people (oo, ganyan kahaba ang title) and it kind of struck home when she said that writing it down separates it from work or anything else, kinda makes it feel special.. pfft!!! so me to be affected by some movie..

saw kung fu panda and the secret of the furious five. downloaded enchanted the movie, and how the grinch stole christmas, the 1960s version. downloading the eclipse audio book and the movie step brothers..

phone still broken, internet still a foreign concept at home.. and work is still work.. :P

yun muna.. :D


miss you ayz... yun lang =)
ayzprincess said…
miss na rin kita! :D