as luck would have it

so my hard drive died on me..
and my sister, for reasons unknown to me, decided that we dont need a phone line anymore
and then.. my SE phone died on me..

just as i was learning to save up, the world decides to test how serious i am about it. pfft!

so im virtually unreachable. i went to the office today so i could print some of the stuff i need for work, which officially starts next week.. i need to go online because i need to research stories for next sem's class..

so wish me luck.. on the not being reachable thing..

and oh! starbucks started the planner sticker craze.. amfanet ng planner this year.. doesnt it just get uglier by the year??? kung di lang to collection di ko to pagtitiisan.. :P


Axel said…
Atleast ngayon ok na ah ang cellphone mo...
V said…
hay. di ka pa nag uupdate ah. so ibig sabihin pc fail ka padin?
ayzprincess said…
actually, sira ulet ang cellphone ko.. cursed na ata sya..

at oo v, fail pa rin ang internet connection ko :D