this is just my take on things

"if i let my self hope and it came to nothing, that would kill me. (if nothing else) had been able to finish me off, hope would do the job"

just done with new moon. wow that was fast. a book in a day.

got that nice little quote up there, the only thing that i have loved so far about stephanie meyer. maybe because i relate to it the most.. err.. or its the closest thing that echoes my sentiments

it just says so much about me. so much of why im unhopeful most of the time..

no, im not turning into a fan. two sentences wouldnt do that to me. i am actually resigned not to read the third book after hearing that there is a fourth book. its like a twisted american version of harry potter. i think its very stupid that it would drag on as long as it already has.

its like an english telenovela plus the vampires and the other thing, which im not saying, in case people dont want me to ruin the story for them.

anyhoo.. again, that's just MY take on new moon. read it still though. im no expert.


Hindi ba pang-babae 'yang Twilight Saga na 'yan? Parang Chick Lit? Hehe tagal na din ako ine-encourage ni Goddess na basahin 'yan. Alam ko si Insan Jeck nagbabasa din niyan.
ayzprincess said…
it is kind of a chick lit.. but if you ask me, i think its a crime to call it that.. id rather categorize it as highschool romance paperback..

kinda like sweet dreams and love stories plus the vampires..

pero ako lang to.. i wont discourage anyone who would want to read it.. just dont get too excited about it.. and if you havent read it or dont plan to, dont worry you're not missing anything at all.. try watching moonlight.. kinda like that, only moonlight is better.

there's really nothing new to the story.. or at least on my part, there isnt..
Axel said…
ahaha, ayoko ng mga romance na book...

Lolz... Kala mo naman reader talaga ako ng book eh noh...
beero said…
di ko pa rin nabasa yan. not my cup of tea. hala! nakapag-english tuloy ako dahil sa post na to. hehe. siguro try ko yan pag tapos ko nang basahin ang book 6 & 7 ng harry potter. ahehe