fill in the blanks

i got up at ____, to go to _____ for my grad school interview.. seemed i was too _____, i was up and ready at 10:00, too early for the 1:30 interview.

ate ____ for lunch and decided to leave at ______. rode a _____, then the _____, then _____ and finally a ______. got there really early and waited for the interview at the ______ department.

got interviewed at ____, by _____, dean ( or was it director) for communications. (turns out he's a philo major and not into communications at all). got asked different questions, not that i prepared for any.i _____, i ____. i _____ know what to say. it was obvious i was very ______. in my opinion, it was a _____ interview.. but that's just me :D


bottom line: he said that the fact that im being interviewed was because they were interested in me and that i should know the results by the end of the week. wish me luck, cross your fingers or pray for me.. whatever rocks your boat.. hope whatever happens is what's best for me :D


Sus! Sure ball na 'yan Ayz! Hihintayin ko ang palibre mo. Hehehe. = D

(As if naman makakasama ako sa libre kung meron man... Ahuhuhu)
Axel said…
Anu ka ba Ayz, papasa ka nyan...
pampoy said…
na-se-sense ko na may good news akong maririnig by the end of this week :)
chroneicon said…
hirap naman. magbabasa na lang, mag-iisip pa ng sagot
ayzprincess said…
potek sayang yung tinayp ko, di nasave.. ulet!!
ayzprincess said…
@alex, hahaha. hindi nga noh?! i keep getting vibes from people around me that i wont get in..

@axel, ok lang yun.. either way naman, i know the ending will be what's best for me.

@pam, yan ang mga sagot! ahaha.. para kahit anong mangyare, ok pa rin :D

@chie, syempre naman, dapat ko kayong pahirapan, katulad ng hirap na dinanas ko sa pagaattempt makapag grad school