ang saken lang naman

just finished reading twilight. the stephanie meyer fad that has sweeped through this country and the states, and the online world.

my lovely friend and fellow book enthusiast, sheena, sent me an ebook copy about three, maybe four days ago.

its short. easy enough to finish in two days.

it was interesting. i cant quite say that it was interesting enough though. it didnt keep me curious enough to regret not having enough time to finish it. it wasnt like dan brown's what's that title again.. argghh.. im so bad with titles, i keep thinking angels and demons da vinci code, whereas i was waiting to see what would happen on the next chapter. (to which i would give credit to the cleverly sliced chapters, making readers anxious of what the next event would be). i didnt think it was also as alluring as harry potter was for my then 17 year old brain.

i guess i read it more to quell my curiosity about what all the fuss was about this book.

i honestly would be more excited about murakami's after dark (which i have yet to get my hands on) or anticipate that other book of the same german (i think) writer who wrote "the reader"

i just read twilight. there's still new moon and eclipse. im not saying i dont like it, i did, after all read through it. and im not saying that i wont read through the other two books, im just saying that i didnt like it as much as every one else did (or maybe my to disgust towards fads factored in on that) and that i wont be jumping up and down to read through the other two books anytime soon.

again, this is just my opinion on the matter. im no expert, nor am i a book critic.

dont trust my word. go and read the series if you like. this is just me and what i thought of it. i wont be spending that much money on buying the books, and im glad i didnt. i just think that i didnt shell out money for harry potter, not even for murakami or the long list of books i have yet to buy (at least i havent yet) why would i on this one?

if you want a copy, just let me know :D ill be glad to share mine :D