conyo mode

my conyo mode is starting to turn on. it always does when im in baguio, im about to go to baguio or i just got from baguio.

(read: one can tell im super excited from all my baguio posts)

at dahil nga excited ako, iniisip ko na hihiramin ko ang digicam ng kapatid ko. isang sony digi cam na mas handy at mas maliit kumpara sa aking canon s3is. at naiisip ko na habang nasa bus palang siguro tayo (o kami, depende kung sino ang bumabasa) e nagpipichuran na tayo. i hate getting too much attention from the public, unless im up to it. at naisip ko kung malilitratuhan tayo sa bus, e sangkatutak na flash na parang kumikidlat sa loob ng bus. at syempre initial reaction ng mga tao (at mga camwh0res alike) e mapalingon sa flash ng camera. (grabe ang haba ng intro ko) kung saan habang pinipicture ko ito sa utak ko, nasabe ko na, "shucks! we're so turistas!" ayan ang conyo mode! so turistas?? its like parang ano?? hehehe

i have even imagined how id say hi to ses and when i call him and mitch, "bro," the greenies'll prolly laugh at me.

and dont even get me started with kofi or just plain conversation mode with shan. (ooppss shani, sorry. i forgot your link again)

good thing neither dee nor sarah will be there. especially sawah.. i cant get through a single sentence in tagalog when im with her. which is weird because we're both neither ingliseras when we're with our own set of friends.. hayyy!!

so here i rant about baguio.. im soo excited!! :D

ill see you guys soon!!

ps. and errr guys.. this is the veranda of the house where we'll be staying.. heheh.. pwedeng tumambay at maginuman dito.. ill ask ses kung pwede ilabas yung mga seats like we used to.. dito rin madalas nagaganap ang breakfast.. pwede rin dinner. hehehe.. depende saten :D


pampoy said…
hala! na-excite naman ako lalo. Hehehe
ayzprincess said…
ako rin.. excited na ko! may bago na naman nga akong baguio post e. ahhaha